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Coronaviruses are RNA viruses that cause upper respiratory tract infections and gastrointestinal diseases in humans and animals. Their lipid shells are speckled with spike-shaped proteins. They are named coronaviruses because of their crown-like appearance. The New Coronavirus was transferred from animal to human in 2019, in China.


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     The Ultimate COVID Help - Stay Alive within & after the Pandemic- Your Practical Survival Guide - and Knowledge Base

Summary of "The Ultimate COVID Help"     * Accessible

The Ultimate COVID Help: Stay Alive within and after the Pandemic! Your Practical Survival Guide - and Knowledge Base.

-- You'll need this book for years to come! The virus took root in humans, it stays. As the restrictions are successively lifted, new clusters of cases flare up.  (Check it out.) With that, a new wave of infections can start, with new restrictions. Be aware! The Ultimate COVID Help is much more than a book. It is an investment for your future survival.

Introduction to "The Ultimate COVID Help "    * Accessible

Know the secrets!

The book was first published in February 2020, in Amazon. It is too controversial. Amazon recalled it three times. (They said, on technicalities.) Then we had enough. It tells the critical facts about the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences. There is hidden information about the coronavirus. The secret facts in all fields are revealed. It is inconvenient for all "professionals," from doctors to politicians.

Time is of no essence!

The book is for everyone who wants to know the truth about the coronavirus, now and in the future. It will be useful long after that the politicians will declare the end of the pandemic. The virus will continue lurking. We humans have to learn how to live with it. You could go back to this book time after time, year after year.

This is the only book you need about the coronavirus!

This heavily illustrated book is the only one you need to beat the coronavirus – both for physical and economic survival. As we said, the virus had come to stay. We humans have to learn how to live with it. And the book with all the answers is "The Coronavirus Bible."

Description of "The Ultimate COVID Help"    * Accessible

Part One is the Physical Survival Guide. In the "Know Your Enemy" chapter we describe the spreading of the virus, the symptoms of the disease, and the phases of the sickness. Then we explain how to stay alive, how we can defend ourselves, and who could be a victim. We will also tell the secrets about masks and more.

After that the reader will get a deep understanding of the nature of the new coronavirus, and its lifetime. We will know the way, how it is working, There is a summary of medication, vaccines, and tests for the virus, plus an analysis of immunity and reinfection.

In Part Two, we sketch the run of the pandemic, from its start to the supposed end. The end, that never will come, anyway. We have found twenty-five factors that will show the Reader, why the coronavirus will stay with us. Most of the factors are not discussed anywhere else.

In the closing chapter we try to calculate a prediction about the present Big Wave of the pandemic, that started in February 2020. We also try to foresee how will the COVID behave in the coming decades.

Warning    * Accessible

Radical data and facts taken out of the context of this book could lead to dire consequences. Spreading the knowledge found in this book, could be dangerous. If your actions would cause social disturbances, riots, looting, and the likes you would be kept responsible by your government. Be careful about what you reveal from this book, how to reveal that, and to whom you would reveal it.


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